Food Jar Recipe – Creamy Bacon Mushroom Penne Pasta

Product: 532ml Vacuum Insulated Food Jar (TS3029DB4)


Penne Pasta / 120g

Bacon / 2片 (Diced)

Sliced Mushroom / 10g

Cream Sauce / 30ml


1. Preheat the Food Jar by filling it with hot water. Attach the lid and shake slightly. Let sit for a minute before pouring out the water.

2. Add bacon and fill pour hot water over the bacon. Simmer for 1 minute, and pour out the water.

3. Add penne pasta and sliced mushroom into the food jar, fill the flask with boiling water until it’s 80% full. Stir gently, attach the lid and shake slightly. Let sit for 30 minutes

4. Drain the water, add cream sauce and seasonings (eg. crushed black pepper, cheese powder) according to personal preference, mix well, and finish.

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