THERMOS Our Mission

THERMOS®, originate from the caring for the people, creating endless possibilities for human life, providing the urban people a more healthy and convenient lifestyle. Besides, lower down the speed of the resources and energy assumption is also our goal. In other words, THERMOS® – a brand for the people.
—THERMOS Thermos

THERMOS’ insistency on our brand promises over a century.

THERMOS® has showed its insistence on : Quality, Security and Guarantee.


Starting from AD 1904, when three German created the world’s first Vaccum Insulated bottle with glass inner in Berlin with the name “THERMOS”. This is not only a significant mark of a new chapter on the industrial history as well as the important mark of the product designs. But also a pioneer of the printing advertisement and product packaging.

THERMOS GMBH comes The word THERMOS comes from the Greek for hot meaning. In Berlin 1904, the first glass bottle encased with metal outer body & commercial production began, and the brand THERMOS was founded. The company THERMOS GMBH has been set up. In 1907 THERMOS was introduced to the United States, and soon established American THERMOS Company. In 1908 THERMOS invention has been extended to Asia, Japan. From the moment onwards, THERMOS has been linked to human, moreover, Thermos has also accompanied the adventurers to the North to the South, from Africa to all over the world, and even to the sky. Thermos is a German Brand and nowadays, Thermos’s vacuum insulated products have been very famous and popular all round the world.

THERMOS has continually its innovation, in 1966, Japan Thermos has launched the lightweight, non-breakable stainless steel vacuum insulated bottle. in 1988 Japan Thermos develop ultra-lightweight, super-tough titanium steel vacuum insulated bottle ; a year later in 1989 Japan Thermos developed a vacuum insulated shuttle chef this specific product has created a great sensation in the Taiwan and Hong Kong market, the shuttle chef has become the “must-buy” item in every household . Nowadays, THERMOS is selling over all continents in Europe, US, Japan as well as other parts in Asia. Thermos® has manufacturing facilities in USA, Malaysia and China, and product R&D facilities are based in these plants as well as in Japan. All products are manufactured with the latest superior technology and strict quality controls.

Vacuum Insulated expert – THERMOS starting from Germany, to Europe, America, Japan; is the world’s oldest brand using the vacuum insulation technique is selling in over 120 countries with the support from the users. Thermos was launched in the Hong Kong market in 1994, with around 40 retail spots.  Is also the first brand of vacuum keep-warm glass bottles of product sales all over the world, has won more than 120 countries around the world has a deep love with every family.THERMOS GMBH THERMOS officially in Hong Kong from 1994, there are 40 department counters and 8 image stores.