What are the payment methods?

Thermos Hong Kong online store provides the following payment methods: credit card (Visa /MasterCard), Apple Pay, Google Pay

Delivery Mode

Hong Kong

  • Delivery to the designated address provided by customer via third-party logistics providers
  • SF Station / EF Locker, please visit the following website for details (Except 2L above shuttle chef): https://www.sf-express.com/hk/en/
  • Pick-up at THERMOS Store, please visit the following website for store locations: https://www.thermos.com.hk/en/store1/


  • Delivery to the designated address provided by customer via third-party logistics providers

**If the customer has received the logistics tracking number for orders delivered by third-party logistics company, please pay attention to the logistics company’s message or directly contact the logistics company for delivery.

What is the scope of delivery?

  • Delivery is limited to industrial and commercial/residential addresses in Hong Kong & Macau (except post office boxes/hotels/restricted areas). Please provide the name, valid delivery address and phone number when placing order.

For THERMOS Hong Kong online store, how much is the checkout amount to enjoy free delivery?

Hong Kong

  • We offer free local delivery service with the checkout amount of HK$500 or above (Single delivery time and location). For orders below HK$500, an additional delivery fee of HK$40 is required.
  • We offer free local pick up service at THERMOS store with the checkout amount of HK$300 or above (Appointed store). For orders below HK$300, an additional delivery fee of HK$40 is required.


  • Delivery fee of HK$60 is required for all orders (Except 2L above Shuttle Chef)
  • Delivery fee of HK$180 for 2L above Shuttle Chef orders. 

Delivery time and receiving procedure

  1. Delivery services is provided by a third-party logistics company regardless of the pick-up point.
  2. Under normal circumstances, order will be shipped within 3-5 working days after confirmation. Delivery time cannot be ruled out due to traffic, rain and special circumstances.
  3. When the product is delivered to the provided address, if the product cannot be received for any reason, you agree and accept that we have the right to charge additional fee to you or your authorized representative, for re-delivery or cancel you order.
  4. Once the products you have purchased have been delivered to you, you immediately become the owner of the products and will bear the risks of holding the products yourself and we will not be responsible for their loss or damage.
  5. Delivery services will be postponed when the typhoon warning signal No. 8 or above or the black rainstorm warning is in effect, or we judge that the delivery is not safe. The third-party logistics company may contact you to change the delivery date.
  6. If you provide wrong delivery information, the logistics company has failed to contact the customer for many times, the customer refuses unreasonably, the customer fails to pick up the package after the time, or refuses to accept the second delivery address arranged by the smart cabinet, etc. Our company. You will be responsible for all the extra shipping charges, the second delivery shipping charges, or the fines of the logistics company, etc. incurred.
  7. If the goods are lost due to the error of the logistics company during the shipment, you can contact the logistics company yourself according to the logistics tracking number or contact our customer service department via email to [email protected] for follow-up. The company only compensates you for the lost goods or goods of equivalent total value. If other losses are caused, we will not be responsible or make additional compensation.
  8. The company will try its best to ensure that the packaging of the goods is complete, but cannot ensure that the packaging is damaged due to accidents during delivery. You are deemed to have understood and agreed to the above matters. The company will not be responsible for their damage or replace them.

The company’s shop self-collection

  • Once you received our DELIVERY NOTICE with “logistics tracking number” by email, please kindly check the order delivery status, orders will be delivered by third-party logistics company. 
  • Please pick it up at your designated store within 7 working days after the goods arriving at store. If the goods are not picked up within the time limit, they will be returned to the logistics warehouse. You can contact our customer service department via email for follow-up and arrangement.
  • The order will enter the logistics process immediately after confirmation, so it cannot be changed to other specialty stores for self-collection. Please understand and be considerate.
  • The company’s specialty store is only regarded as a pick-up point for online shopping products, and is not responsible for any review and verification of products. If you have any questions about online shopping products, please contact our customer service department for inquiries, you can email to [email protected]