Right of THERMOS Hong Kong Online Store User

THERMOS Hong Kong online store (hereinafter referred to as “THERMOS Hong Kong online store”, “This online store”, “We”) mainly provides the following services:

(1) Products sales and delivery services:

Customer service

Products sales and delivery services

Payment mechanism

(2) Notification of customer-related rights and interests, including but not limited to product trials, lottery and other activities, or other new member services in the future.


(i) You must register as a member to complete online shopping in THERMOS Online store

(ii) THERMOS Hong Kong online store may add, modify or terminate the above-mentioned related services according to the actual situation.

(iii) The total amount of each order (including shipping and deducting all discounts) cannot exceed HK$10,000.

(iv) The current payment methods are as follows:

Credit card (Visa /MasterCard), Apple Pay, Google Pay

Products order and confirmation mechanism:

(1) The name, price, content, specification, model of the product on the product page, relevant information and description displayed on the relevant page in the order process are part of the contract.

(2) THERMOS Hong Kong online store reserves the right to set the limitation of the quantity of individual consumers’ orders for specific products. We will only ship according to the limitation set if the order quantity is beyond its limit.

(3) Once you have placed an order in accordance with the modes, terms and payment methods set by THERMOS Hong Kong online store, you are to be regarded as having fully understood and agreed with purchasing the goods pursuant to the requirements, transaction terms or restrictions as shown on this online store.

(4) After you have confirmed the purchase and settled the payment, an “Order Confirmation” notification will be sent to your email. You may also review your order record by log-in into your membership account.

(5) Please refer to the product transaction order page for details of payment methods, shipping costs and delivery methods, or refer to “Frequently Asked Questions”.

(6) After confirming the order, you will receive a confirmation notice to your email address which contains your order details. You can also click “Order Records in Personal Information” to view your order details. If you have other questions, please refer to the “Frequently Asked Questions”.

(7) Modify/cancel order

After your order is confirmed, it will enter the logistics process immediately. The product content and quantity of the order cannot be changed or cancelled, nor can the delivery of the order be changed to other delivery address or THERMOS store for pick up.

  • When you complete the registration procedure on the THERMOS Hong Kong online store, or continue to use any of the services provided by this online store, you are deemed to have known and fully agreed to all the terms of service and fully accept the current and future derivatives of this service items. Furthermore, you may be subject to the service terms or relevant regulations separately announced by THERMOS Hong Kong online store based on the nature of the specific service. The separately announced service terms or relevant regulations are regarded to be part of the terms of this service.
  • You must be 18 years old or above, and you should read, understand and agree to all the contents of the “Membership Terms” and subsequent amendments before you can register to use or continue to use the membership account. When you use or continue to use any of the services provided by THERMOS Hong Kong online store, it means that your legal representative has read, understood and agree to accept all the contents of these terms of service and subsequent modifications.
  • Both the customer and THERMOS Hong Kong online store agree to use electronic files as a means of expression.
  • THERMOS Hong Kong online store reserves the right to terminate the service of the customer’s account for any customer who violates the law, fails to comply with the agreement between the parties, or maliciously abuses the rights and interests of the service.
  • THERMOS Hong Kong online store has the right to modify the content of these terms based on the needs at anytime in the future and may notify customers of the modified content by email, telephone, online announcement or other appropriate methods.
  • If THERMOS Hong Kong online store has to notify customers of the information related to the provision of services, it has to be done by any contact method provided by customer. If there is any change in the customer’s contact information, it should be updated anytime by log in to the membership account to maintain the accuracy, timeliness and completeness of the information. If you are not able to receive the notice sent by THERMOS Hong Kong online store due to incorrect or outdated information provided or other reasons not attributable to THERMOS Hong Kong online store, THERMOS Hong Kong online store should still be regarded as having completed the delivery of such notice and will not be responsible for any adverse impact caused .
  • THERMOS Hong Kong online store is provided by THERMOS Hong Kong Limited. The Company’s information is as follows:

Address : Unit 5, 7/F, Grandtech Centre, 8 On ping Street,

Shek Mun, Shatin

Email : [email protected]

Hotline :  (+852)2608 0800

Working hours:Monday -Friday  (0900- 1800)

If you have any questions or suggestions about our products, shopping process, services or website, please contact us via the above email.