Foogo Vacuum Insulated Baby Feeding Bottle Gift Set – Pink

Foogo Baby Feeding Bottle Gift Set

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Product Name Foogo Vacuum Insulated Baby Feeding Bottle Gift Set – Pink
Product Description THERMOS FOOGO’s “three growth covers” small magic bottle: pacifier, duckbill, and straw, accompany the baby’s growth stage from 0 to 3 years old, and protect the baby’s healthy growth.
Pacifier: S type (0~3M+)/ M type (3~6M+)
The 20-degree soft food-grade silicone nipple is more suitable for breastfeeding.
Equipped with diamond-shaped breathable valve to prevent flatulence.
Designed with unequal wall thickness to prevent collapse and provide smoother air intake.
Eddy current wire design on the inner wall, anti-choking & easy to suck
Duckbill: (6~12M+)
Soft silicone drinking mouth, exercises bite, comes with dust cover
Straw: (12~36M+)
Soft silicone drinking mouth, one-handed operation, one-touch opening
Handle: Contrast color handle design, practice gripping
Central: Replace as you wish
Base: anti-collision, anti-bump
316L inner tank: the maximum scale inside the bottle is 280ML
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