Lunch Kit Recipe – Quinoa rice with Marmoreal mushroom, Salanx chinensis omelet, cheese and Fruit Salad

Product: Little Lion Lunch Kit (DBQ-253F-BL001)


Quinoa rice with Marmoreal mushroom


rice (washed)/1 cup

Quinoa (washed)/1/4 cup

Root (washed)/60g

Chicken broth/1 and half cup

Garlic granules/2 granules


1. All materials are cooked in a rice cooker, mix well, and put them in a heat-preserving bento box


Rice and Fish Omelette Roll


Sesame oil/a little

Light soy sauce / 1/2 teaspoon

Dried fish with rice (dip and clean)/10g

Eggs / 2 (spread well)


1. Stir-fry the dried fish with white rice and low heat in a wok until it is dry

2. Mix all the ingredients well

3. Heat a little oil in the wok, add egg liquid, medium and low heat slightly to the side until slightly solidified

4. Slowly fry and roll into a roll

5. Put it in the food box of the bento box


Cheese and Fruit Salad


Avocado (sliced)/2 points 1

Golden kiwifruit (sliced)/1pc

Raisins / 1 tbsp

Honey/1 teaspoon

Cheese/1 Tbsp


1. Put fruits and raisins in the food box of the insulated bento box

2. Mix the cheese and honey and add to the fruit

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