Shuttle Chef Recipe – Fresh Milk Stewed Flower Maw

Product: 1.8L Shuttle Chef (Outdoor) (TCRA-1800-GL)
Soaked hair gelatin 300g
Milk 1L
Red dates 65g
Wolfberries 1 tablespoon
Longan Meat 15g
Rock sugar cubes 1.5 tablespoons
1. Wash the flower glue and cut it for later use; cut the red dates and remove the pits for later use.
2. Take out the inner pot of the vacuum cooker and add milk, flower maw, red dates, wolfberry and longan meat in sequence.
3. Heat the inner pot over medium heat and stir gently until the ingredients roll.
4. After the heat is removed, add the rock sugar granules, put in the outer pot and cover with the lid, and simmer for 3 hours before serving.
*Reminder: It is recommended to consume within 3-4 hours after completion to prevent the food from spoiling.
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