Shuttle Chef Recipe – Ginger Basil Oatmeal Lion Head

Product: 4.5L Shuttle Chef (KBA-4501-TOM)

Minced pork/60g
Longan Meat/5 Pieces (Macerated, Dice)
Wolfberries / 1 tbsp (soaked and drained)
Instant oatmeal/1 tbsp
Chia seeds/1 tsp
Salt glutinous rice / 1 tbsp
Ginger juice/1 tbsp
Other materials:
Honey beans/10 sticks (tear off the fiber on both sides)
Red sweet pepper/1 (remove stalk, cut into strips)
Lemongrass/1 strip (cut diagonally)
Tamarind paste/55g
Nine-story tower/2 trees
Coconut sugar/3 tbsp
Water  /500ml
1) Put all the fillings in a bowl, mix, and knead into a large meatball shape.
2) Heat oil in the inner pot of the vacuum cooker, and fry the big meatballs until golden brown and serve.
3) Add honey beans, red sweet peppers, lemongrass and tamarind paste and sauté until fragrant, add nine-layer tower and coconut sugar, boil in water, add large meatballs, cook for 1 minute, cover and put out of the vacuum cooker Simmer in the pot for 15 minutes, take out the inner pot of the vacuum cooker, add an appropriate amount of cornstarch water, and simmer over medium-to-low heat until it is slightly thick.
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